AT MILL 95, we wait in anticipation all through the growing season for this magical time of year, harvest. Harvest in Idaho’s hop-growing region brings the long-anticipated fruits of the grower’s labor. The smell of hops fills the air, as bines are brought in from the fields to be harvested. Revealing the most unique and unpredictable of all hop products, the fresh hop.

FRESH HOPS, also known as wet or green hops, embody distinct flavors that can change from season to season. Making the unique qualities and aromas they bring to fresh hop brews even more exciting. 

Want fresh hops for your next seasonal brew?

We have you covered!

Here is how to get your fresh hops this harvest:

  • 1. Submit Request Form

    Submit the below request form identifying what fresh hop varieties you are interested in, and a member of the sale team will confirm your request in the next business day.

  • 2. Wait in Anticipation

    Once your request form is submitted and confirmed, the sales team will keep in touch with you leading up to your pre arranged pick up date.

  • 3. Pick Up Your Hops at Mill 95!

    Choose between Mill 95 or farm pick up when your request form is confirmed.

  • 4. Start Brewing

    For the best quality, we strongly encourage you to brew with the fresh hops within 24 hours from the time of pick up.

  • 5. Cheers!

    Enjoy your tasty fresh hop beer!

  • 6. Welcome to the #brewmance

    We want to see your tasty brews! Tag @mill95hops and use hashtag #mill95hops when you share your new creation on social.

Request Fresh Hops

After submitting this form, please allow 1 business day for a member of the sales team to follow up with you.
Mill 95 believes in honoring its Idaho partner growers by providing the best they have to offer.

NOTE: Fresh hops require a minimum order of 10lbs.
Getting an exact weight can be difficult, please allow for an up to a 10-pound variance per variety.

*NOTE: All harvest windows are tentative and subject to change

Questions or Cancellations?

Samantha is here to help!
Samantha Woods, Customer Service & Sales Associate

Harvest FAQ

You will choose between Mill 95 or farm pick up at the time you confirm your order request.

Mill 95 pick up is available from 9AM-4PM on your prearranged pick up date at 25950 Howe Rd, Parma.

Farm pick ups can vary. The exact date and time will be given to you on your order confirmation.

We now offer cold shipping in partnership with RipeLocker to ensure the quality of your fresh hops. This service applies to orders above 150 lbs. Contact your sales executive to learn more.

We understand that plans and schedules change. Notice of cancellations by 9AM the day prior to your designated pick up day is required. Customers who fail to provide adequate notice will be billed the full amount of their order.

To cancel your order please call (208) 482-6373 x104 or email hophelp@mill95hops.com.

We source our fresh hops exclusively from Idaho growers.

Most likely, yes. There are a lot of things to consider when it comes to harvesting hops at their peak and most of them our out of our (and the farms) control. We appreciate your patience and understanding and trust that we will communicate every update with you.

2023 Harvest Available Now

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